The power of Plasma Pen

Plasma Pen is the beauty world’s most advanced and non-invasive, soft-surgery skin lifting, skin tightening and rejuvenation device and treatment. It is used in a variety of procedures to dramatically enhance looks without the need for costly and invasive surgery.
Plasma Pen ‘fibroblasting’ is a highly versatile & non-surgical procedure that’s stunningly effective in wrinkle smoothing, eyelid tightening & eyelid hood reduction (blepharoplasty) and able to treat, repair, lift & rejuvenate any area of the skin to spectacularly improve & brighten skin tone, laxity & texture, significantly tighten loose skin & dramatically reduce, inflate & plump lines & wrinkles.
How long do results last?
Plasma Pen delivers exceptionally long lasting results. From all observations, clinical trials and real world experience then about three years is normal. Once the skin is tightened then that it is actually permanent. However, your skin will still continue to age and this will happen at different rates based on genetics, lifestyle choices and free radicals so although we suggest treatment results will lasts for around 3 years, some clients will experience longer lasting results than others. Remember too that in addition to rejuvenation, we are actually helping repair the scaffolding of the skin with our fibroblasting to mitigate the aging process. If, for example, we treat your smokers lines and you then continue to smoke then results may possibly not be as long lasting compared to if you had stopped. If we make your eyelid hoods or bags disappear then that is also a permanent effect although, of course, they could potentially grow back in years to come.
Does if hurt?
For many, Plasma Pen is virtually a pain-free treatment and is often described as merely tingly. Some clients have been known to fall asleep during their treatment!

However, the treatment may be moderately uncomfortable depending on you and where you are being treated. Eyelid procedures (where the skin is at its thinnest) can be more painful for some people but our device, plasma delivery and super-fine probes allow our technicians to work very quickly and efficiently and this minimises potential discomfort for you by design. Your therapist will numb the area before treatment and sometimes during too depending on the products they use and the regulations in this area. For treatments on large areas, therapists will typically “numb as they go” so that the numbing effects don’t wear off while they are still working. It’s all relative too – think how painful something like cosmetic surgery can be after a procedure when your anaesthetic wears off.
What happens after treatment?
Aftercare will be discussed with you before and after your treatment. Printed information will also be provided by your therapist who may follow-up with post-treatment consultations if necessary.

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